Event and Event Management, Registration Plugins for WordPress

1 – Event Espresso

Event Espresso – Event Management for WordPress
Carefully brewed for you, this plugin includes:

  • No Monthly Fees
  • WYSIWYG Editor for all Customizable Messages and Emails
  • Registration Cut-off and Start Dates
  • Event capacity w/ Waiting List Feature
  • Individual and/or Group Registration Options

Read more: Event Espresso – WordPress Event Registration and Manager Plugin

2 – Events Manager by nutsmuggler, netweblogic

Events Manager is a full-featured event management solution for WordPress. It supports recurring events, venues data, RSVP and maps. Has a sidebar widget and shortcode for an events list, calendars and description, as well as template tags.

Events Manager integrates with Google Maps and provides an RSS feed, to keep your subscribers updated about the events you’re organizing.

Download it here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/events-manager/

3 – EventR

EventR is a simple plugin that allows people to sign up for an event. There are no payment options. It simply keeps track of attendees. It provides a shortcode for inserting the registration form on a post or page.

Download it here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/eventr/

4 – Event Registration Plugin by David Flemming

David updated the interface, so I’m excited to see how the current version works. It accepts Paypal payments for event registrations, has an attendee list, a sidebar widget, CSV export, and more.

Download it here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/event-registration/

5 – EventBrite.com

I have used EventBrite.com which works great, and I’ve pulled their code into posts for ticket sales, registrations, etc. EventBrite provides a lot of management tools and options, along with payment options, including Paypal. I really appreciate all of their features, but I’d ideally like to do this all within a WordPress admin interface — like the wp e-commerce shopping cart but geared toward event registration.

I’m using the Event Calendar 3 plugin combined with Event Brite on Amy Brenna’s Workshop website. This combo works fabulous!

For simple Event display (no registration), these two plugins:

6 – Post Event Plugin

Post Event allows you to define event information (date, location, schedule…) directly in the post edit page. All event information is automatically displayed in the post page (single.php), including Google Maps AND iCal link (integration in your agenda) without any code modification.

Download it here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/post-event/

7 – Event Calendar 3

Event Calendar 3 allows you to add an event date to a post and then automatically posts that event in the event category (which you’ve specified in the settings). This plugin works great! You can display events via the standard Category page, and the events display in date order and are removed automatically when the date has passed. It also has a sidebar widget which works great. I’m using it on BrigitteMars.com, GoldHillTown.com, and Amy Brenna Workshops. So, far, it’s the best Event plugin I’ve used for a simple event list, but it does not include RSVP, registration options. It just posts the event description and date.

Download Event Calendar 3 Beta version here: http://wpcal.firetree.net/ This is the plugin home page. The version at wordpress.org does not seem to be working with WordPress 2.9.2 and has not been updated since 2008. The beta version at wpcal.firetree.net does seem to be working fine.


Be sure to read my post on Calendar plugins for WordPress (not necessarily to be used for registration or event management).

22 comments on “Event and Event Management, Registration Plugins for WordPress

  1. Thanks for the plugin. I have read good reviews. I just installed the plugin. It is working now, but I have a difficult time following the setup instructions. The plugin was not visible in my admin panel until I dragged the “EventCalendar” widget to my side bar. But once I did that, all is well.

    Best regards,

    Ron Fredericks

  2. Thank you for your great write-up and sample web site reference. I am just starting to monetize my video studio by adding events for my studio clients.

    Best regards,


  3. hi… can someone help me, event calendar 3 is not working on my site. i tried to change my theme and deleting my category (coz their name start with events) and its still not working. please help me to activate it

  4. Hi Rino,

    What’s happening with your events calendar plugin?

    I found that I had to use the BETA version to use with the current WordPress. You have to download the beta version from their website (not from wordpress.org).



  5. Hi Rino,

    Thanks! That’s helpful. I use the Event Calendar 3 all the time, and I haven’t had this issue, so it’s good to know about!

    I think perhaps the Beta version is working better in WP 2.9.2. I can’t wait for an update to the plugin! I use it all the time.


  6. Hey Angela, you should add the event registration solution offered by amiando to your list they are also compatible with wordpress via iframe.

  7. I have been using http://www.eventstorm.com The nice thing about them is that they have ALL the tools I need for marketing my event in one location. I can send email invitations and text messages to thousands of subscribers. The nicest thing is I don’t have to transfer my contacts between multiple sites. Another nice thing EventStorm allows me to is to easily re-create my event in Facebook and I can leverage that as an additional tool to promote my event. The greatest bonus is that their pricing beats all the other competitors for event ticketing, email marketing and mass text messaging out of the water. Definitely check them out!

  8. Hi Angela,

    Great blog post – thanks for sharing. Do you know of an event plugin that allows people to post an event on wordpress site? Most just allow the admin to do it.


  9. Hi Rex,

    The one application that I most recommend to people is the Helios Calendar: http://www.helioscalendar.com/. It’s not a WordPress plugin. It’s a standalone PHP application, but you could link to it from a menu on your site. It really rocks.

    For more ideas, I’d highly recommend you get on LinkedIn and join the WordPress group there. There was a lengthy discussion on event calendar plugins, so you might find a WordPress specific one there. However, I’ve been hard pressed to find something more robust than Helios Calendar. We are using it with a Drupal site at: http://www.bouldercountyarts.org/cal/events

    Let me know what you find!


  10. Hi Stuart,

    There has been a great discussion on the WordPress LinkedIn Group on event calendar and even registration plugins. There are a couple new ones out that do have payment options. Here are a couple I’ve come across recently:


    http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/the-events-calendar/ – this one has optional ticketing with EventBrite integration.

    Please let me know what you decide to use! I will update this post with some of the newer and improved plugins.


  11. Hi Garth,

    You are totally right on about that! I will be rewriting this post soon to include Event Espresso and do a more thorough review of each plugin. Thanks for commenting!