Daily Routine in Accra

Our daily routine:

I’m enjoying the food immensely. We usually have toast and tea with evaporated milk for breakfast, basmati rice with a spicey oily red sauce and redehydrated tilapia for lunch, and either the same thing for dinner or some variation. My favorite meal was fried plantains with stirfried carrots, cabbage and peppers with a fried egg! I like fufu very much and the spicey dehydrated fish red sauce.

The neighborhood is a mixture of rich and poor – with a large gated house topped with a satellite dish and barbed wire standing next to a half built house with children bathing from a bucket in the dirt yard. My friend’s house is enclosed by a large cinder block brick wall topped with spikes. We enter through a gate into a cement courtyard in the center of which stands an immense mango tree that the bats enjoy at night. The water pressure is unreliable. Sometimes the water makes it upstairs and sometimes not. Today, I bathed using a bucket and bending beneath a spicket to wash my hair. The water is cool and refreshing.

All the food is cooked outside either on a propane stove or using a charcoal fire.

The streets are mostly dirt in this neighborhood, very rough and bumpy I think because of washout during the rainy season. There are a few streets with gutters but mostly not. There is not much infrastructure. That is why they want so much for Atta MIlls to win the election next week. He seems to be more for the people and for infrastructure. There are many heated debates among people about the incumbent party vs the more democratic party of Atta Mills. It’s about a 50/50 split and mostly people are not so excited about the upcoming holiday because the election was not decided and they have to vote again on 12/28.

It has been relatively cool in the evening but the last two nights the air has grown very still, and I wake at 4 am in a thick sweat. I woke up Adjei’s brother Nanasei at this time asking if he had a fan could I sit with him for a bit. He said, “look at me.” He did not have a fan and was wearing long pants and a turtle neck long sleeve shirt. He laughed, “Don’t worry. We will find you a fan tomorrow.”

I fell back to sleep amazingly enough and slept well until 7:30 when the cool ocean breezes arrived through my window.

I hope you all are staying warm back home — here — I am sending you a few degrees of HEAT — perhaps you can send a cool breeze my way!


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