Creating a Facebook Page and Facebook Group

I wanted to share with you some information that will help you in promoting your group, organization, or business in Facebook. If you don’t already have a personal Facebook profile, you will need to go to and create one.

Recently, I’ve been talking with my clients about the difference between Pages and Groups, and today I found some great articles (listed below). The main differences being that PAGES are indexed by Google and publicly accessible and GROUPS are not indexed by Google, but allow for more community interaction (like emails sent directly to members’ in-boxes, etc.).

I think it’s good to have both, but remember to keep them updated and moderate as needed. Pages behave more like a personal profiles, whereas Groups are more community/discussion like.

1) Read these very helpful articles about the differences between Facebook Pages and Facebook Posts and why a Facebook Page is so important:

Post by AdverGirl about Facebook Page versus Facebook Group

Post by Meg Roberst about Facebook Pages and using them to benefit your organization

Facebook Page Advice from Facebook

Why you need to make a Facebook Page for your website now!

2) Create your Facebook Page and Facebook Group:

Click here to create a Facebook Page (If you’re a nonprofit, select non-profit from the “Brand/Product” select list)

To create a group, type Groups in the search field in Facebook and clicking Create New Group (do this from the Profile that you would like to use as the administrator of the group)

3) Go to your newly created Facebook Page and/or Group and add events and invite people to become fans or members.

You should create any events related to your Page or Group from the Page and Group rather than from your personal profile.

4) Link your website to your Facebook Page or Group and vice versa.

Depending on the type of site you have, there are a variety of tools/widgest for doing this. Here are few:

Blog RSS Feed Reader – if you have a blog, this application will automatically feed your blog posts to your Facebook Page

Create a direct URL link to your Facebook Page URL using the Profile Web Address Application and then add the hyperlink to your website

Use the Facebook WordPress applicaton to add posts from your WordPress site directly to your Facebook profile or page

5) Add a “Share on Facebook” link on your website.

Share This WordPress Plugin for sharing pages on your site with many social media sites

Facebook Script for Adding a Share on Facebook link to your website

6) Take a Social Media Marketing class or webinar and/or consult with a social media marketing expert.

7) Read this article by Guy Kawaski on lots of other interesting things you may not have known you could do with Facebook:

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