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I’ve updated my favorite WordPress resources at my Ask WordPress Girl site for my WordPress students at Boulder Digital Arts. Please see the updated post at: http://askwpgirl.com/links/

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Customizing Post Sort Order Using the Category Posts Widget

I use the Category Posts widget on a lot of sites to show a list of post titles beneath a category name in the sidebar. It automatically displays posts in descending order from the most recent post to the oldest posts. To change this order, you need to edit the cat-posts.php file in the category-posts plugin directory in the plugins directory.

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Removing Default Meta Links in WordPress Widget

I promised my friends I’d start documenting all my little Wordpress hacks as I went along, so we’d both remember how to do things. Of course, I’ve done this before but had to Google yet again to get the answer, which was outdated for WordPress 2.8.

A lot of people don’t want the RSS Comments Feed and WordPress.org link in their Meta widget. Here’s the default display:

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How to Report an Error (Mistake, Bug) to Google Maps via Tele Atlas or Navteq

I’ve recently been using a wonderful WordPress plugin called “Map Press” that allows you to easily insert a Google Map into your WordPress posts. However, I’ve noticed some mistakes in the maps and nowhere in Google to report them.

It turns out that map mistakes actually need to be reported to the map’s copyright owner. Google just serves up these maps created by Tele Atlas or Navteq.

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