Clean Professional WordPress Theme

Following are some of the WordPress theme sites that I’ve found to have clean, professional layouts and creative flourishes. If you are looking for someone to create a WordPress website for you, finding a theme that already fits with your current branding or image can help save money on design time.

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Create Different RSS Feeds for Each WordPress Category

To create a different feed for each category of your blog, you can use WP built in codex to specify different feeds for different categories. For instructions, see and scroll down to the text just before the heading Adding Feeds.

Following are couple plugins that automate this process:

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Best WordPress Plugins

Following is a list of my most frequently used plugins. I almost always install the All in One SEO Pack, the TinyMCE Advanced Editor, Google Analytics, Exclude Pages, Category Posts, Search and Replace, and the Backup Database plugins. Let me know your favorites!

I’m only listing plugins that I think are used most frequently, and that I install time and again on various sites. I’ll post other, more specialized plugins in separate posts.

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Creating a Facebook Page and Facebook Group

I wanted to share with you some information that will help you in promoting your group, organization, or business in Facebook. If you don’t already have a personal Facebook profile, you will need to go to and create one.

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So many bikes!!! Inspiring. In the frigid temps, everyone was commuting on bicycles. There wasn’t a railing that didn’t have a bike attached to it. The bonus of missing my flight out of Accra was getting a day in Amsterdam to visit the Van Gogh Museum and have a cappacinno in a quaint cafe at the intersection of three cobble stone streets.

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Kumasi and Around

The road to Kumasi is beautiful green and lush, breaking into small towns and villages along the way. Clara and I woke at 5 am and Ninasei took us to the bus station, an area where dozens of buses wait and depart for Kumasi every 30 minutes. Clara found a comfortable bus with A/C, and we left around 6:15. We watched Nigerian and Ghanaian tv on the screen mounted in the front, were treated to a sales pitch from a man who travels the route back and forth to Kumasi selling herbal remedies, and then settled into 4 hours of Reggea music watching a beautiful tropical and hilly landscape roll by.

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The Driving Adventure to Krobo and Back

The beads made in Krobo are the popular Ghanaian beads you see in shops in the U.S.

The market was completely fabulous and fascinating. Row upon row upon row of tables of beads. It was like being a kid in a candy store. They are exquisitely beautiful, and I purchased I don’t know how my hundreds of $ worth (ikes!). I haven’t quite figured out the conversion but I think I bought $150 worth of beads — a huge bag at any rate. So, I’ll be making lots of jewelry for presents next Christmas.

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Daily Routine in Accra

Our daily routine: I’m enjoying the food immensely. We usually have toast and tea with evaporated milk for breakfast, basmati rice with a spicey oily red sauce and redehydrated tilapia for lunch, and either the same thing for dinner or some variation. My favorite meal was fried plantains with stirfried carrots, cabbage and peppers with a fried egg! I like fufu very much and the spicey dehydrated fish red sauce.

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Sites, Sounds, Smells of Accra

Bats flitting in the mango tree outside my bedroom window during the night

The call to prayers at dawn and dusk from the nearby mosque

Music blasting from stereos from all different directions – hiphop, Bob Marley, Afro-pop, Christmas caroles

Cocks crowing

A morning dove cooing

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