Best WordPress Plugins

Following is a list of my most frequently used plugins. Let me know your favorites! Be sure to also see my post at Ask WordPress Girl of 25 WordPress Plugins You Should Know About.

I’m only listing plugins that I think are used most frequently, and that I install time and again on various sites. I’ll post other, more specialized plugins in separate posts.

SEO WordPress Plugins:

Image and Media WordPress Plugins:

Displaying Pages and Posts WordPress Plugins and Widgets:

Archive and Category WordPress Plugins:

Social Networking WordPress Plugins:

Styling WordPress Plugins:

Admin Plugins:

Other WordPress Plugins:


6 comments on “Best WordPress Plugins

  1. Hi Angela!
    I’ve updated my Page Sidebars plugin to fix some errors. It should now be fully working if you want to give it another chance:

    I’m also updating all my plugins across the board to reflect my coding as many of my plugins have not been updated since the summer and I have improved my coding since then.

    Thanks for plugin mention!

  2. Hi, I found cool flash photo galleries plugin for WordPress. Named GRAND Flash Album Gallery – multi category flash skin based photo gallery with powerful admin. I used it in my blog. There are so many different settings. You can adjust the color scheme for your blog as you wish. There are many different skins. You can present your photo gallery in a wonderful way, there is a full-screen mode. This is a very cool plugin.

  3. Serendipitously, I had found out about Grand Flash Album Gallery just a couple days before your post!

    The thing I don’t like about the Grand Flash Album Gallery is that it is really over done. If it were simpler, I’d like it a lot better. But, it has so much stuff going on that it’s too busy for many of my clients’ needs. So, I’m also checking out WP Slideshow Gallery at It’s very simple and doesn’t have an image uploader, so you need to know the URL for each image you add to the slideshow. I think it can convert images loaded into the Gallery of a page to a slideshow. I’m still playing with it. It doesn’t have a variety of skins, but you do have access to all the code and can customize to your heart’s content.

  4. Thank you Angela!
    Is there anything out there to make the text editing easier. It seems wordpress does it’s own weird thing, throwing off the text completely. Integrating pics and aligning the text around it seems to be a hit and miss, meaning a lot of time with not the desired results

  5. Hi Sabine, You should install the TinyMCE Advanced plugin and check the option to tell WordPress to stop removing paragraph and manual breaks. In terms of aligning text around the pics, if the issue is that the you want to push some text down below the pic, then the above plugin will work. Other issues related to picture runaround has more to do with your theme stylesheet settings and whether the theme has the appropriate style to float the images and pad them correctly. You can use Firebug (a Firefox extension) to see what style if any is being used for the image float/padding. With the TinyMCE Editor, you can add more buttons to your toolbar for typography as well as load your own styles that can be selected in the Visual Editor to gain more consistent control of the look of text beyond the heading tags. Hope this helps! Be sure to read the Tiny MCE Advanced documentation at